Our Complete MasterSuite of All TTP Software & Training with Access to Our Live Trading Room - for the Serious Trader

Your search for a proven trading methodology stops here. This package of all our tools & training contains all the tools and training you need to learn and properly execute the TTP trading methodology. TTP software is designed to empower our traders to rapidly exploit high-level multi-time-frame analysis so they can quickly identify & execute the right trades at the right time. With the integration of our recently developed next-generation "Reader" technology to perform some of the heavy lifting, we can now automate much of this process. Join us and learn how to anticipate and trade key market reversals with pinpoint accuracy...Low-Risk, High-Reward Trading with a REAL EDGE...Simply Sophisticated.

What's Included in Our ​Complete MasterSuite


Serious analysts need a serious toolbar. This dynamic toolbar acts as a "floating" over your charts facilitating full control of all charts and workspaces from a single instance! Quickly draw Volume Profiles & VWAPs and semi-automatic Market Geometry (trend-channels & medianlines). Draw any type of line, shape, draggable shape, or text. Mark-up swing highs & lows with the Elliott Wave labeling system. Draw Risk-to-Reward Meters and Fibonacci Retracements & Extensions. Create custom hide & delete buttons. Quickly document charts with the auto-sorting Screenshot function... Attach alerts (aural, visual, & email) to any line, and even email a screenshot of the triggered chart! Assign HotKeys to any button. Create automated multi-timeframe systems using the advanced "Reader" system.

Volume Analyst

Get an inside look at what moves price with the complete tool to simplify the analysis of volume and range data. Boil away the complexities and isolate clean signals that indicate the underlying activity in the markets.

Divergences PRO

This is without a doubt, the most accurate and customizable Regular and Hidden Divergence solver ever made. Finds divergences, in real-time, between price and any other indicator (or between two instruments!).​

Indicator Reader

Copy any indicator from one chart onto any other chart. This revolutionary technology can access the signals/plots from other charts directly into BloodHound/BlackBird enabling precise, real-time multiple-time-frame strategies.

2 Months in Live Trading Room
12 Workspaces (Futures & FOREX)
BloodHound Strategy Templates
BlackBird Trade Management Templates
Extensive Learning Plan, Rules&Guidelines

  • ROE Bars
  • ToolBarPRO
  • VolumeAnalyst
  • DivergencesPRO
  • IndicatorReader 
  • BloodHound Strategy Templates
  • Blackbird Trade Management Templates
  • 250+ hours of training videos +PDF Rules&Guidelines
  • Weekly Training Sessions (also for Bloodhound/Blackbird)
  • 8 free weeks of live market training - 3 hours/day, 5 days/week
  • = $245
  • = $1845
  • = $1645
  • = $1495
  • = $595
  • = $1495
  • = $1195
  • = $2000
  • = Priceless
  • = $398

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What Our Customers Say About us

Matthew Grosse Avatar

5 star rating   I have been a Master Suite Ultimate owner for over a year now and it is worth every penny. Dan's passion and dedication to develop the tools and methodology has been next to none. I truly feel fortunate to be part of this organization.

Matthew Grosse 12/06/2017
Richard Aragon Avatar

5 star rating   I have been with Trade the Plan for almost a year and Daniel Roe has helped me with my quest to be a successful trader. His insights into market geometry and his tools are amazing! A must own.

Richard Aragon 11/14/2017
Pep Bosch Avatar

5 star rating   Hola Traders, solo quería expresar mi gratitud a Daniel Roe , CEO y alma de Trade-the-Plan por su constante trabajo para mejorar nuestras operaciones. Recomiendo su método y las extremadamente útiles herramientas que él y su equipo están desarrollando. Aunque no tengo mucho tiempo para interactuar en el grupo de trading de TTP, aprendo mucho cada minuto que paso con ellos. Conocí a Daniel cuando estaba ofreciendo sus servicios desarrollando estrategias en BooldHound, él es muy bueno en eso. Pero a partir de ahí continué en contacto hasta que comenzó su propia empresa, para demostrar que realmente valía la pena su método de Trading. Él la está mejorando constantemente, y... READ MORE...

Pep Bosch 11/09/2017
Robert Kost Avatar

5 star rating   Daniel Roe is the real deal. He utilizes a low risk high reward multi-time frame methodology. His software is state of the art employing market geometry, volume analysis, and elliott wave theory to multiple time frames. His methodology and software may take several months to learn but once learned you will understand how the market really works. I have been in a number of trading rooms and Dan's method and software is the best I have ever seen. Dan devotes an enormous amount of time to perfecting his craft and has spent a lot of his own personal funds developing his software and providing updates to members at no cost.... READ MORE...

Robert Kost 10/11/2017
James Wilkins Avatar

5 star rating   Trade The Plan is what a professional trader, trainer and indicator designer should be. They are second to none with their product support and the updates just make great indicators even better. At present I only have the Relative Volume and the ToolBar Pro but I plan to add more as my trading allows. No one tries harder then Daniel to make sure every possible advantage is built into their indicators so you can be successful at this very difficult endeavour. You can't drive a nail without a hammer, a screwdriver or pliers won't do it. Make sure you get the right tools to trade with also. JW

James Wilkins 11/28/2017
Tim Ruth Avatar

5 star rating   When it comes to learning how to trade, the TTP methodology is unparalleled in my travels thus far and I consider it my Holy Grail of sorts. Dan Roe is an expert at employing low risk and high reward entries over and over again. This is the same when it comes to his multi-time frame analysis utilizing Elliott Wave theory with Fibonacci analysis and fine tuning these entries with Market Geometry and Volume analysis. Probably one of the biggest misgivings I was ever told by one of my previous mentors, was that volume is irrelevant. IMHO volume is one of the most important aspects for finding the ends of moves... READ MORE...

Tim Ruth 10/11/2017
Chris Eves Avatar

5 star rating   A review of Trade the Plan (TTP). I’ve been using Daniel Roe’s (TTP) software for Ninjatrader since he first released it back June 2015. It’s been an exciting journey to date. I have witnessed a man who is dedicated to improve on his software, along with helping himself and many traders become better traders. Trading is not easy, and Daniel Roe is working tirelessly help others which is very rare in this industry. Trade The Plan software – Volume Analysis, Divergences Pro, Market Geometry tools, etc along with Basic Elliott wave patterns, are what Dan uses to help define low risk high reward trade setups. Do all setups work, no,... READ MORE...

Chris Eves 11/22/2017
Bobby Sinks Avatar

5 star rating   The first 2 years of my trading career was like most traders starting out. It was costly and did not seam logical with what was being taught. Green light / Red light trading systems was not the path I was looking to take in my trading. And when a question was asked about the system and why to take a trade, you would not get a straight answer. After giving away close to $10K I was still searching for a more common sense approach to trading. After doing more research I found the logical answer in Market Geometry and Volume Analysis. It was at this point I came across videos... READ MORE...

Bobby Sinks 11/16/2017

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U.S. Government Required Disclaimer - Trading the markets on margin carries an elevated level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to trade any market, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. ​

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