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As part of our Free Membership, we provide several resources to help facilitate your trading experience. You have access to dozens of custom indicators and various training sessions on Market Geometry, Fibonacci lines, and the Elliott Wave Principle. The Ninja Manager app is also one of the free tools we provide, but it can be downloaded without even being signed in, and we encourage anyone who uses NinjaTrader 8 to download it and share it with friends. We allow easy access to the Ninja Manager because it displays and cycles through a set of images of our indicators that link back to our product pages, giving us a simple, unobtrusive way to remind users about our tools (see below).

On your downloads page (sign in to access), you’ll find the TTP FreeIndicators 8.x.x.msi and TTP FreeIndicators Essentials 8.x.x.msi installers. The ‘Essentials’ installer contains all the XML templates and workspace files; the other has the TTP.FreeIndicators.dll with all the free indicators.

Once installed, the free indicators can be found in two folders via the NinjaTrader 8 ‘Indicators Dialog Window.’

Right-click on a chart and select ‘Indicators…’ to open the ‘Indicators Dialog Window’ or simply click on the ‘Indicators’ button on the toolstrip on the chart’s header.

All free indicators can be found in the ‘TradeThePlan’ and the ‘LizardIndicators’ folders at the top of the list.

Simply double-click on a folder to open the list of available indicators.

I have included a workspace named ‘TTP Free Indicators’ with four charts and various indicators on each chart. I created this workspace as an example of at least one way you could set up your charts and use some of these powerful indicators.

To open the workspace, location your NinjaTrader 8 Control Center and select ‘Workspaces’ then ‘TTP Free Indicators’ to open it.

Arrange the charts so you can see each one. The four charts should look something like the image below.

Each of the four charts has an associated chart template, which you can find in your Documents\NinjaTrader 8\templates\Chart\FreeIndicators folder.
Dark – Free Indicators 1.xml
Dark – Free Indicators 2.xml
Dark – Free Indicators 3.xml
Dark – Free Indicators 4.xml
Find an image of each of the four charts below:

If you accidentally delete one of the charts and would like to rebuild it, simply create a new one via NinjaTrader 8 Control Center ‘New’ menu and select ‘Chart’ to open a new chart.

As you’re creating the new chart, however, you’ll notice that there appear to be no available chart templates. Because I keep all TTP chart templates divided into subfolders within the templates\Chart folder, chart templates must be applied directly from the chart after creating it.

To load a chart template, right-click on the chart and select Templates > Load

Double-click on the ‘FreeIndicators’ folder to open it.

Select any of the chart templates and then click ‘Open’ to load it.

Many of the free indicators also have indicator templates associated with them.

To see if an indicator template is available for an indicator, open the ‘Indicators Dialog Window’ and select the indicator you want to check from the ‘Configured’ list, and click ‘template’ in the bottom right corner of the window, then ‘load’ to open the folder and see which templates are available.

As you can see in the image below, there are three indicator templates available for the TTP Average Range indicator.

See below for a current list of free indicators available within the ‘TradeThePlan’ folder.
Click on the links to view more information about each one.

  • 310 Oscillator
  • Auto Fib Retracement
  • Average Range
  • Awesome Oscillator
  • Balanced Momentum
  • Balanced Momentum Normalized
  • Chart Label
  • Counter
  • Derivative Oscillator
  • Directional Trend Index (DTI)
  • Donchian Channel
  • DSMA (Double Simple Moving Average)
  • DTMA (Double Triangular Moving Average)
  • DWMA (Double Weighted Moving Average)
  • MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence)
  • MACD BB Lines
  • MACD Gapless
  • MACD Normalized
  • MACD Normalized Gapless
  • MFI (Market Facilitation Index)
  • PPO
  • Price Line
  • Range
  • RSI Gapless (Gapless Relative Strenght Index)
  • Session Median
  • Slow RSI (Slow Relative Strenght Index)
  • Stochastic Momentum Index
  • Stochastics
  • TSI (True Strength Index)
  • Universal MACD
  • Universal Oscillator
  • Volatility Stop
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