Learing the Elliott Wave Principle

We use the Elliott Wave Principle as a part of our trading methodology mostly as a tool to help delineate major market structure but also to help precisely identify the ends of corrective patterns (across various chart intervals/periods).

Working step by step through these resources will provide you with a foundational understanding of how to apply the principles. Your focus should be on learning how to properly identify and label corrective patterns that follow impulse waves (retracement patterns within a trending move) – the more you learn and understand about corrective patterns, the better. A proper understanding and application of Elliott Wave add context to your Market Geometry analysis, making identifying the best areas to trade even easier. If you master the material within this plan, you will drastically improve your pattern recognition ability.

Elliott Wave International (Robert Prechter’s organization – EWI) is the only source I recommend to anyone learning how to apply the Elliot Wave Principle (EWP). Robert Prechter is the authority on the rules and guidelines of EWP. Once you have learned it thoroughly, you could try other services.
I learned EWP by following along with EWI’s tri-weekly service “Financial Forecast & Short-Term Update”, checking my analysis against a professional’s every other day. 

  1. Visit the “Club EWI” website and create a username and password by clicking HERE.
  2. After signing in, visit the EWI “video crash course” webpage by clicking HERE.
  3. While being signed in to the Club EWI website, visit the “Comprehensive Course on the Wave Principle” webpage by clicking HERE.
  4. We also recommend reading through the main book on EWP by clicking HERE
  5. For an abridged summary of EWP, read through the PDF named “The Basics of the Elliott Wave Principle”.
  6. Watch: Intro to Fibonacci (below)
  7. Watch: Intro to Fibonacci – Part 2 – Note: In this video, I show a webpage on corrective patterns which no longer exists.
  8. Watch: Elliott Wave Corrections and Fibs – In this video, we go through a portion of the following book: The Basics of the Wave Principle.
  9. Watch: Finding Reversals with Market Geometry and Elliott Wave

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