Getting Started & Intro to Logic Manager


The TTP Logic Manager is a ‘pseudo-code’ condition builder designed for creating complex logic sets using predefined logic as building blocks. Currently, the Logic Manager is used as a replacement for the OTF (operative timeframe) BloodHound templates that we used to have on each Minute Chart within the Master Suite workspaces. The OTF BloodHound templates served to identify pullbacks. Having so many BloodHound templates on each workspace led to performance degradation. We decided to hard-code the OTF templates’ logic, and in doing so, we came up with the idea for the Logic Manager system – a system that could access all the series’ data points and indicators’ data series from every open chart.

The system we’ve had in place for years – the ‘Reader’ system – allowed us to use one reader instance to access one data series from one indicator on one chart. The Logic Manager system is sort of the opposite from the Reader system in that it uses one indicator – the Logic Agent – per chart to ‘export’ all of the data points from the chart series and indicators’ data series, as opposed to one reader indicator per chart, per indicator, per data series. What used to take upwards of 25 Readers to access the data from a single chart now takes just one Logic Agent.

The video below will walk you through uninstalling and updating the Master Suite installers, as well as setting up your ToolBarPro by importing the any of the new ToolBarPro backups. I spend the most time in the recording show you how to set up the Logic Manager.

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