Market Geometry

The “TTP Market Geometry Guide” is an introductory guide for using trend channels and “Andrew’s median-lines” to identify areas of supply and demand from which the subsequent price reversal will occur (a complete trend change or a trend continuation). To shorten your learning curve as much as possible, try to set up some charts and draw multiple trend channels and median lines (Pitchforks) with warning lines as you read through the guide. If you find it tedious and time-consuming, check out our ToolBarPro indicator. Using the ToolBarPro, you can apply these methods more than 10x faster.

Download the Market Geometry Guide

I have also included 4 training session recordings below to help get you up to speed more rapidly. If you have any questions, please email us at or use the contact form. 

Market Geometry Part 1

Market Geometry Part 2

Market Geometry Part 3

Market Geometry Part 4

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