Using Hotkeys with a Keypad – DO THIS

To master Market Geometry analysis and the ToolBarPro, you may need to breakout of your comfort zone and start using hotkeys. The ToolBarPro has a very advanced hotkey system that will enable you to perform market analysis at record speed. Please, for your own good, take my advice and buy yourself a gaming keypad and spend a couple hours setting it up with the hotkeys shown in the image below. You can find many cheap versions of these gaming keypads all over Amazon and the internet, but the overwhelming majority are garbage. Because you’ll be installing the software and drivers to run it on your Trading PC, you want to go with a reputable company in good standing with good products; Razer is such a company. Actually, of all the keypads that I have experience with, the Razer Tartarus V2 is the only one that works flawlessly with Windows 11 (costs about $80). Do yourself a favor and buy one and force yourself to set it up and use it everyday. Performing Market Geometry analysis and marking up your charts using NinjaTrader’s drawing tools can get very old very fast. But when you have a well set up keypad and hotkey system, performing this type of analysis is actually kind of fun, especially when you start to see dramatic improvement in your ability, which, in turn, will encourage you to stick with it. As you improve, you’ll begin seeing reversal after reversal in every market you analyze occurring right at the areas identified long beforehand, and the positive reinforcement will start mounting, encouraging you even further until you’re ultimately a firm believer in the most important charting method that you’ll ever learn. If having a proven profitable trading strategy is paramount to the trader’s success, having faith in that trading strategy is paramount to the trader’s flawless execution of that strategy. In this case, faith comes by doing, and doing a lot. So get crackin’!

To use the Razer Tartarus V2 keypad, you’ll have to install Razer Synapse3 from THIS PAGE. Do NOT install Razer Cortex, it is the most invasive app I’ve ever had on my PC and it’s very difficult for the average person to remove. The only app you need to install is Synapse3, which will allow you to set hotkeys/macros for the keypad’s keys and buttons.

DOWNLOAD: You can download my Razer Tartarus V2 profile from THIS LINK. Instructions on how to import the profile are down this page.

The image below shows the hotkeys assigned to each key on the keypad and the ToolBarPro’s associated button or function. Of course, you would have to use one of the six ToolBarPro backup files I have provided for everything to work exactly as shown. You can find an article on importing the backup on THIS PAGE.

Do you want to be a successful trader? I know you do. Invest the time, then. Learn this stuff. Do it! I know you can. Make and take the time necessary to master the use of the TTP toolset. Make this ToolBarPro your best friend and you won’t regret it. It may feel a bit odd for a little while, using both hands at the same time to do the work, but after about 40 hours of use, you’ll be performing Market Geometry analysis and marking up your charts at least 10x faster than without it. If it seems like I’m trying to get you hyped up, I am because this stuff is not easy. I want you to get it. But it will take some sacrifice on your part. It will take time. It will take effort and hard work and discipline to get it – but then so too does everything else in life worth having… I don’t want you to have gotten so close, owning this Ferrari of an analysis tool, only to have wrecked out and given up because you never really learned how to drive it properly. I know how important and useful this method really is. Without it, I wouldn’t have the confidence I do in teaching what I teach. This is the main method that provides me with the edge necessary to making consistent, account growing gains over time. I want for you to reach those same conclusions and have those same experiences as I have, and the only way that will happen is if you become a true master user of this Toolbar.

If you haven’t already, please, for your own sake and for that of your family, stop searching for automated systems and new indicators. The automated systems sold to retail traders are not going to grow your account over time. It’s not going to happen. I would bet my life on that fact. Making the matter even worse is the exorbitant price tags put on these garbage systems by the conmen selling them… And yet people continue to buy them. I couldn’t stomach selling something as useless and bogus knowing that the person buying is hoping/expecting to make money from it without much effort. The problem is that people actually believe that you can pay $5k and make $50k a month later (or a year? or how long?). And as long as someone is marketing such nonsense and telling everyone “it’s true!’ people will continue to believe it. But you’re not going to waste your money on all that nonsense, are you? Because the ‘holy grail’ isn’t out there. The holy grail is you. You must improve yourself and your ability. Forget full automation, already. There is no easy way out. There is no “just flip the switch and watch the money pour in.” Yes, I understand some have done it and continue to do it. Yea yea. Ever read or listened to their stories? Unless you’re the nerdiest nerd who has ever come from your hometown, you may as well put the ‘full automation pipedream’ right out your mind.

The rabbit holes are endless… If you want the reward, you have to put in the work. You can put work into tinkering with useless indicators and hunting unicorns, or you can put work into improving your abilities as a professional trader. A skillset doesn’t just fall apart one day; it’s yours till you die or get senile. Build your skillset.

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