The Indicator Reader

Multiple-timeframe analysis simplified.

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The Indicator Reader

Trading with higher-time-frame charts provides a much greater edge than trading with only one chart. However, efficiently utilizing multiple time-frames has not been easy – until now!  

Our new NinjaTrader add-on is another industry 1st; it can copy any indicator from one chart onto any other chart. This revolutionary technology can access the signals/plots from other charts directly into BloodHound/BlackBird making for more efficient multiple-timeframe strategy creation and testing. Take your trading to the next level!

    Software Capabilities:

      • Copy ANY Indicator's plots and/or dataseries (signals) from one chart onto any other chart
      • Even copy complex, custom 3rd party indicators with many plots
      • Access indicators/signals from other charts into BloodHound/BlackBird without performing any calculations in BloodHound/BlackBird
      • Create super-low CPU-load multi-timeframe systems in BloodHound/BlackBird
      • Access signals perfectly and properly from charts' bars that have out-of-sync closing prices (never before possible until now)
      • Backtest complex systems in < 10% time
      • Use "Reader Manager" to control Indicator Reader on-the-fly outside of Charts, MarketAnalyzers, BloodHound or BlackBird
      • Copy any Indicator from Chart to Chart


      • Create low CPU-load MTF systems in BH&BB


      • Backtest Complex Systems in < 10% the Time!


      Included in this Package:

        • Lifetime License and full updates for life (we are constantly working to improve our tools!)
        • The Reader Manager
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