Manual Back Testing Expert

Identify and hone your edge with precision and speed.

  • Log Your Trades

    No more going back and forth, a thousand times, between the chart and excel just to log one trade! With the new comprehensive tool from ETP logging your trade is only a few clicks away at most!

  • View Your Trades

    No more going through the charts wondering, what trade number was this trade? We asked ourselves that same question enough times that we decided to number the trade on the chart as well as in our statistics window, which is just one click away!

  • Analyze Your Trades

    Before the trades even get into the Excel spread sheet, we decided to create some quick statistics to help you the trader decide at a glance if your system needs that one last tweak before sending it to us to code it or if you start writing the e-mail right now!

The step by step prompter is placed in the top left part of the chart, so you the trader can easily recognize it and follow its prompts.

The trade lines are calculated by the indicator from the entry location, where you have initially clicked, to the trade completion which can be either the furthest out stop hit or the furthest out target hit. On the right side of each of the trade lines the price of each line is displayed. On the left side of each trade line the label of each of the lines is shown for you the trader to easily identify what the line is representing, the “T” stands for target, the “S” stands for stops and the “E” stands for entry. The numbers next to each of the letters represent the number of target or stop, for example “T1” means target 1. The number next to the entry is different however this number represents the trade number so you can easily find it in the statistics list.

There are 2 more buttons that show up in the standard tool bar provided by NinjaTradertm on each chart, the “Show Statistics” (or shift + W) and the “Export to Excel” (or shift + E) buttons. These buttons do exactly what it says on them the left button creates a pop up window with all the logged trades on the current instrument the indicator is placed on, while the right button exports all the trades to a .csv file so you can use all the nifty things that Excel has to offer to do your trade analysis.

We have created keyboard shortcuts to help you use our indicator in the most time efficient manner possible.

With the statistics window open we have added a feature so you can delete individual trades if you mistakenly logged a trade you shouldn’t have.

Our software sorts your trades by entry date so if you realize you have missed entering one trade in the middle of your back testing, you will be able to go back and enter the trade and once you click on the show statistics button your trades will be order in ascending order, by entry date, from the oldest trade to the newest.

The statistics pop up window shows you all the details of each trade plus a detailed analysis of your entire list of trades logged for the selected instrument. The statistics window does the same detailed analysis that NinjaTrader offers in its platform plus a lot more awesome features. These windows have been ordered into tabs so you can navigate them easily.

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