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Master Suite

Contains all the tools & training you need to locate key market turning points with pinpoint accuracy in one powerful package. The TTP Master Suite will help you get back on track to achieving the trading results you deserve.

Includes: [1] our flagship ToolBarPro to help you master your trading environment and perform professional market analysis at lightning speed; [2] our Volume Analyst to turn complex volume and price-action data across multiple timeframes into actionable signals; [3] our Divergence Analyst to accurately signal price momentum divergences across all timeframes; [4] our Logic Manager to signal potential ends of corrective patterns across all the minute charts; [5] our Replicator to grab the signals from all the Logic Manager charts to combine them with volume and momentum divergence confirmation signals; [6] our ROE Bars to accentuate the relative volume signals for trade confirmation; [7] our Timeframe Tuner to methodically set the periods of the Tick and ROE Bars charts weekly, keeping our workspaces adjusted to changing market volatility; [8] our BloodHound Strategy Templates to combine all our rules for Market Geometry areas to signal bars that meet those rules, and then combine all our confirmation rules for volume and price momentum divergence to signal when those areas are confirmed for a trade; [9] our BlackBird Trade Management Templates to help manage stops and targets placements and trailing actions for the trades. 


Use a single, floating toolbar to control all open NinjaTrader charts and workspaces. Pinpoint swing highs and lows using its built-in auto-snap algorithm to attach objects instantly and precisely to the exact (definable) bars/candlesticks you want (saves so much time). Predict and anticipate likely future swing highs and lows with our advanced, semi-automated Market Geometry – apply both a trend channel and a pitchfork (median lines) with warning lines in two clicks (parallels break and update in real-time). Never miss an alert again! Apply highly customizable alerts to all lines and objects and get emails containing screenshots of the alerted charts sent directly to your phone! Draw custom and efficient (hybrid data option) Volume Profiles and even attach alerts to VP levels! (You can even access all lines and levels within a strategy.) Assign hotkeys to any button or groups of buttons for fast action. Save and store multiple layouts for your charts and workspaces in as many Window Manager buttons as you like to quickly flip between chart arrangements without having to drag or move windows! Label Elliott Wave counts at record speed. Import/Export Manager to share our analysis with you, your analysis with others in our exclusive community, or your private group… And so much more.

Divergence Analyst

The TTP Divergence Analyst is the most advanced divergence detection system available anywhere. Divergence Analyst signals Regular Divergences (single, double, and triple), Hidden Divergences, and Hidden-to-Regular Divergences between Price and any other indicator or between two different instruments – even cumulative delta. Divergence setups are found in real-time (‘OnPriceChange’), and divergence triggers (confirmations) can be found either in real-time or ‘OnBarClose’ after a number of user-defined, price-action requirements. Can even be used in Market Analyzer as a scanner. This tool helps you pinpoint market reversals before they occur.

Volume Analyst

The TTP Volume Analyst is the most advanced volume and range tool available for professional market traders. The fact that volume is the fuel that powers market movements is obvious, but turning that volume data into actionable signals has remained a mystery to most technical analysts until now. With the Volume Analyst, we have isolated the most significant relative volume and price range data that corresponds to major swing points, providing leading signals just before major market reversals on any instrument, chart, and timeframe. The Volume Analyst will definitely enhance your trading decisions with clean and clear, actionable data.

ROE Bars

The TTP ROE Bars were initially designed to accentuate volume signals, blending together certain unique attributes from Tick, Minute, and Range charts that would make important volume and range signals really stand out on the chart. Once developed, though, we found that the ROE Bars can do so much more. This revolutionary bar type lets you define minimum and maximum values for range, ticks, and seconds, so creating dozens of wildly different-looking charts from one awesome bar type is super simple. Create the exact hybrid bar of your choice. Start using the ROE Bars today to create multiple unique charts tailored to your exact specifications.


The TTP Replicator can copy any indicator from one chart to another chart, up to 20 plots. The Replicator can also copy a data series (without a plot) and produce a plot for that data series. We use the tool especially to create multi-timeframe strategies by copying the signals from existing indicators’ data series across all charts, rather than having to load those indicators a 2nd time into the strategy. We can then modify the copied data series values in a number of ways, such as extending the signals for N bars with various reset conditions built-in, etc. With the Replicator, accurate historical multi-timeframe signals are possible for the first time. In real-time, you no longer need to wait for the larger timeframe chart’s bar to close before seeing the signal on a faster timeframe chart. The Replicator works with any indicator that has plots and/or data series (the vast majority) and is compatible with SharkIndicators BlackBird & BloodHound. You can copy any indicator from one chart to the next without any issues!

Timeframe Tuner

If you use Tick and Volume charts in your trading, how do you determine the values for those charts? Do you have a process or method for determining the periods? Or do you simply use some random numbers for the values, regardless of market volatility? If you want to adapt to the changing markets, you need to use a method to set these chart values. The method we use is defined on THIS PAGE. Performing such a method, manually, would be quite tedious and time-consuming, so rather than doing it by hand every week, we decided to make a tool that would automatically crunch the numbers we needed; that tool is the TTP Timeframe Tuner.

Logic Manager

The Logic Manager is our latest development that is redefining the way custom condition sets can be programmed within NinjaTrader 8. This first iteration contains all of the necessary logic for finding ABC-style corrective patterns on all the Minute charts within the Master Suite workspaces. Identifying these corrective (retracement) patterns on the Minute charts helps us to determine which chart is the Operative Timeframe (OTF) and subsequently, which confirmation conditions sets must be met before a potential trade can be taken. Previously, these ‘OTF’ condition sets were developed in BloodHound templates – one per minute chart (typically 7 or 8 per workspace). Having so many BloodHound templates per workspace led to performance degradation. This tool enables us to write these condition sets in a kind of pseudo-code language, which we will further develop in future iterations until we arrive at a version that can handle custom condition sets, user-definable using any indicators from any charts.