Our All-in-One Solution for Trader Mastery  

Complete MasterSuite

Your search for THE trading methodology stops here. All the tools & training you need to learn and execute the TTP trading methodology are contained in this one package. Join us and we will teach you to how to locate key market turning points with pinpoint accuracy, so you can trade with a REAL EDGE. 

Live Trading Room

MasterSuite owners can join us in the Trading Room where Daniel Roe will teach you the 3 most important methodologies in highly profitable trading. Learn how to make the kinds of consistent progress (in you trading AND your analysis) that you need to become successful, so you can trade with confidence.

Our Individual Trading Tools


The essential toolkit for the Professional Market Analyst. The ToolBarPRO with Advanced Market Geometry gives you the ability to draw on ANY chart from a single ToolBar + apply advanced alerts to any line! (and so much more)

Volume Analyst

Get an inside look at what moves price with the complete tool to simplify the analysis of volume and range data. Boil away the complexities and isolate clean signals that indicate the underlying activity in the markets.


This is without a doubt, the most accurate and customizable Regular and Hidden Divergence solver ever made. Finds divergences, in real-time, between price and any other indicator (or between two instruments!).

Indicator Reader

Copy any indicator from one chart onto any other chart. This revolutionary technology can access the signals/plots from other charts directly into BloodHound/BlackBird enabling precise, real-time multiple-time-frame strategies.  

NinjaManager (Free)

Start NinjaTrader 7 and/or 8 automatically on a timer or when Windows starts up. Connect to data feeds (up to 2), open select lists of workspaces, and delete the data cache, all automatically. Saves us 45 minutes every morning. 


A simple indicator for plotting a moving average of another moving average. 25 average types and over 625 possible pair combinations of moving average trigger-lines. 

Tools We Use - Created by Our Partners

SharkIndicators' BlackBird

This revolutionary Trade Designer allows you to thoroughly manage (and automate) every aspect of your trades with unparalleled simplicity & flexibility. This is, by far, the most advanced and exciting developing in the trading industry. And it is incredibly well-built! 

SharkIndicators' BloodHound

Bloodhound, the first software of its kind, empowers traders with the ability to model, test, analyze and execute trading systems rapidly, via a visual drag & drop user-interface. There is nothing like it! We can create trading systems in 10% the time with this.

Trade Tracker

Performing manual backtests to prove out trading ideas can be some of the most tedious and time-consuming work we do. Not anymore! With the new, comprehensive tool from Expert Trading Programmerslogging your trades is only a few clicks away...

Elliott Wave International

The easiest and fastest way to learn Elliott Wave Theory is by following along with skilled analysts and checking your counts against theirs. The folks at Elliott Wave International have given us great discounts on their top subscriptions.

Read What Some of Our Customers Had to Say on Facebook And Google

Matthew Grosse Avatar

5 star rating   I have been a Master Suite Ultimate owner for over a year now and it is worth every penny. Dan's passion and dedication to develop the tools and methodology has been next to none. I truly feel fortunate to be part of this organization.

Matthew Grosse 12/06/2017
Richard Aragon Avatar

5 star rating   I have been with Trade the Plan for almost a year and Daniel Roe has helped me with my quest to be a successful trader. His insights into market geometry and his tools are amazing! A must own.

Richard Aragon 11/14/2017
Bogdan Constantin Avatar

5 star rating   I have been a member of the TTP Trading group for 2 years. During that time I have consistently attended his trading room in which Daniel Roe analysis various markets. Daniel's methods involve charts using various time frames, market geometry and fundamentals of the Elliott wave principals. Additionally, Daniel and his backroom team have developed sophisticated software, which when applied to the charts, show developing momentum diversion, as well as volume diversion. Furthermore, Daniel conducts twice-weekly study webinars with instructions on how to use his software. Using his techniques, his software, and his daily instructions, my trading performance has substantially improved. I am proud to be a member of his trading family.

Bogdan Constantin 11/11/2017
Pep Bosch Avatar

5 star rating   Hola Traders, solo quería expresar mi gratitud a Daniel Roe , CEO y alma de Trade-the-Plan por su constante trabajo para mejorar nuestras operaciones. Recomiendo su método y las extremadamente útiles herramientas que él y su equipo están desarrollando. Aunque no tengo mucho tiempo para interactuar en el grupo de trading de TTP, aprendo mucho cada minuto que paso con ellos. Conocí a Daniel cuando estaba ofreciendo sus servicios desarrollando estrategias en BooldHound, él es muy bueno en eso. Pero a partir de ahí continué en contacto hasta que comenzó su propia empresa, para demostrar que realmente valía la pena su método de Trading. Él la está mejorando constantemente, y eso es algo bueno. Ningún método es válido si no se renueva constantemente, el Trading es algo vivo, cambiando las reglas constantemente, si mantenemos nuestro método vivo, nos mantendremos en el objetivo. Eso es exactamente lo que está haciendo TTP. Dicho esto, debo remarcar que las herramientas de TTP son realmente fantásticas para cualquier tipo de método en el análisis técnico. De seguro, recomiendo fervientemente echarle un vistazo.

Pep Bosch 11/09/2017
Robert Kost Avatar

5 star rating   Daniel Roe is the real deal. He utilizes a low risk high reward multi-time frame methodology. His software is state of the art employing market geometry, volume analysis, and elliott wave theory to multiple time frames. His methodology and software may take several months to learn but once learned you will understand how the market really works. I have been in a number of trading rooms and Dan's method and software is the best I have ever seen. Dan devotes an enormous amount of time to perfecting his craft and has spent a lot of his own personal funds developing his software and providing updates to members at no cost. He is very generous that way and also provides weekly training webinars to help you lean how to use his software. He is the nicest guy and his room is relaxing and fun but also serious when it comes to trading. He may trade only 1 to 3 times a day but picks the areas that can make the most profit with the least amount of risk. Dan is one of the only traders that I know of that has traded a live account and been profitable to the tune of over 500% in 9 months. My trading and understanding of the markets has significantly improved but I had to unlearn all the bad ways I originally learned to trade before I could become a better trader using Dan's method. If you want to learn a method that really works than I recommend you learn Dan's method of trading. Bob Kost

Robert Kost 10/11/2017
James Wilkins Avatar

5 star rating   Trade The Plan is what a professional trader, trainer and indicator designer should be. They are second to none with their product support and the updates just make great indicators even better. At present I only have the Relative Volume and the ToolBar Pro but I plan to add more as my trading allows. No one tries harder then Daniel to make sure every possible advantage is built into their indicators so you can be successful at this very difficult endeavour. You can't drive a nail without a hammer, a screwdriver or pliers won't do it. Make sure you get the right tools to trade with also. JW

James Wilkins 11/28/2017
Tim Ruth Avatar

5 star rating   When it comes to learning how to trade, the TTP methodology is unparalleled in my travels thus far and I consider it my Holy Grail of sorts. Dan Roe is an expert at employing low risk and high reward entries over and over again. This is the same when it comes to his multi-time frame analysis utilizing Elliott Wave theory with Fibonacci analysis and fine tuning these entries with Market Geometry and Volume analysis. Probably one of the biggest misgivings I was ever told by one of my previous mentors, was that volume is irrelevant. IMHO volume is one of the most important aspects for finding the ends of moves or support for further moves in a direction and Dan is an expert at this endeavor. If you’re starting your learning journey here, you have just shaved years off your learning curve. Top notch mentor along with a great group of students/traders. I could write a Fitzgerald novel on this place, but attempting to make it short and sweet. :-)

Tim Ruth 10/11/2017
Harold Burks Avatar

5 star rating   I have been involved with Trade The Plan for a little over 2 years. I have watched Daniel Roe build his Tools and use them following his plan and find areas of confluence where the market reacts. His tools has improved my technical analysis when looking at higher timeframes and shorter timeframes. Finally, I like the fact that Daniel has shown himself to be a down to earth person who is an individual trader like me. He shares what he's learned over the last several years and show his analysis so you can compare to your own.

Harold Burks 11/13/2017
Matthew Grosse Avatar

5 star rating   One of the best business decisions of my life was buying the Master Suite Ultimate. I would give 6 stars if I could!

Matthew Grosse 12/06/2017
Chris Eves Avatar

5 star rating   A review of Trade the Plan (TTP). I’ve been using Daniel Roe’s (TTP) software for Ninjatrader since he first released it back June 2015. It’s been an exciting journey to date. I have witnessed a man who is dedicated to improve on his software, along with helping himself and many traders become better traders. Trading is not easy, and Daniel Roe is working tirelessly help others which is very rare in this industry. Trade The Plan software – Volume Analysis, Divergences Pro, Market Geometry tools, etc along with Basic Elliott wave patterns, are what Dan uses to help define low risk high reward trade setups. Do all setups work, no, and no system / method is perfect, It will take time to learn everything and seem very daunting to start with, but it’s much better than anything else I’ve seen / used. In the nightly trading room Dan along with other members help explain trade setups, the room is not a trade calling service, but room to help you learn the methods used and better learn the software. Daniel Roe trades a live account NOT a sim account like many other trading rooms, you get to see and hear all the real emotions that go with trading live. I look forward to being involved with Dan and all people with Trade the Plan as it’s a excellent group of people to be around and I haven’t seen anything else that comes close. In the interests of full disclosure, I do speak in the trading room as a panellist on some occasions, however all the opinions here are my own , nobody is paying for this review or is being reviewed before being posted.

Chris Eves 11/22/2017

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