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Tap into the power of divergence analysis with the tool that does it best.

The TTP Divergence Analyst is the most advanced divergence detection system available anywhere. The Divergence Analyst signals Regular Divergences (single, double, and triple), Hidden Divergences, and Hidden-to-Regular Divergences between Price and any other indicator or between two different instruments – even cumulative delta. Divergence setups are found in real-time, intra-bar. Divergence triggers (confirmations) can be found in real-time or on bar close after user-defined price-action requirements. The Divergence Analyst will help you to pinpoint market reversals before they occur.

Includes the TTP Universal Oscillator (16 different indicator inputs and 10 different smoothing averages) and the TTP Universal MACD (6 different indicator inputs and 10 different smoothing averages) for advanced modification of oscillators via input and output smoothing parameters.

Now Works in Market Analyzer as a Scanner!
Now Works Perfectly with Cumulative Delta!

The Divergence Analyst also automates in-depth price action swings analysis using three different sizes of swings and comparing their interrelationships: minor, intermediate, and major. The data that the unique swings algorithms provide is one of the integral building blocks of the Divergence Analyst that makes it such an accurate and customizable tool.

The premise behind divergence analysis is that we can anticipate price reversals just before they occur by identifying specific chart patterns. Divergence patterns come in two main categories – Regular (Type 1) and Hidden (Type 2) Divergences. A Regular Bullish Divergence would be a case where the instrument’s price swings are making lower lows, but its indicator (or another market) is making higher lows.

When I began searching for a divergence indicator back in 2008, very few were available. Today, in 2022, many are available, but few are well-built and practical tools; very few (if any) are accurate. Accuracy for such a tool should be measured by how well it identifies the patterns it is supposed to find. I wanted a tool that would accurately identify both Regular and Hidden divergences in real-time without back-painting, allowing me to set exact parameters for the signaled patterns. And I also wanted to filter out (eliminate) the divergence patterns I deemed undesirable but also accentuated those I considered significant. Can any other divergence solver available to retail traders meet my criteria? Not even remotely close, but that should come as no surprise; creating pattern recognition software of this sort is incredibly challenging and expensive.

Correctly identifying, programmatically, what we can spot so quickly on the chart with the naked eye requires an algorithm with a vast and potentially cumbersome codebase. The number of exceptional cases and condition sets needed to find divergence patterns in real-time is mind-numbing.

With so many moving parts and calculations, properly structuring and maintaining the codebase is paramount to robust and effective, high-performance software. While programming all the rules and cases into functional code is an immense task, to be sure, translating easy-to-see chart patterns into dependable specifications containing all the necessary conditions, rules-sets, exceptions, and filters is a monumental undertaking. If the specifications are inadequate, the code can be none other – garbage in, garbage out.

Most developers would never expend the excessive resources demanded of such a massive project. However, I recognized what the finished product would afford me in my trading and end goal of automation. Moreover, I knew that having such a tool would also help many other traders achieve their goals… Without question, you have the most advanced and precise divergence recognition algorithm ever devised in the Divergence Analyst.

Here's Everything You Get When You Purchase Today:

Divergence Analyst Features (so many more)

[$1495 Value]

Custom Workspaces

We’ve included 27 custom workspaces with the Divergence Analyst. The ‘TTP DivAnalyst [Examples]’ workspace has several charts (each with its own chart and indicator template) with various instruments and indicators applied as the ‘Divergence Component’ that you can use as a starting point if you’d like to customize the settings for use with your favored indicator or instrument. 

The ‘TTP DivAnalyst [Scanner]’ workspace has four charts connected to a Market Analyzer with a list of Stocks in it that you can modify to suit your needs. You will have access to a couple of Market Analyzer templates, as well, with training on how to modify them. 

The other 25 workspaces are custom for each instrument. You can learn more about those in the documentation. 

[$795 Value]

BloodHound Strategy Templates

The BloodHound templates included with each of the 25 workspaces signal bars that have Regular Divergence Setup signals on three or more charts. I also added in a couple of Trend identification solvers. You can use these templates as a solid starting point for your own custom trading strategies. The OTF BloodHound templates (OTF = Operative Timeframe) are from our Master Suite workspaces (replaced with the new Logic Manager for Master Suite owners) and are used to identify corrective patterns (pullbacks) within a trend on each of the minute charts.   

(BloodHound sold separately, but for a discount to Divergence Analyst purchasers).

[$995 Value]

BlackBird Trade Management Template

I have included a BlackBird Trade Management template that you can use to semi-automate your trade entries and manage the initial placement and trailing of the stops and targets until the trade is closed.

(BlackBird sold separately, but for a discount Divergence Analyst purchasers). 

[$295 Value]


Within the documentation are several video training sessions and a massive user-guide to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Feel free to check out our ‘docs’ page to learn more. 

[$300 Value]


Divergence Analyst Features (extended)

Two Older Recordings Below

The two videos below are rather dated, but feel free to watch them (they will be updated soon). The latest version of the Divergence Analyst is much improved with even more functionality.
Part 1 - Inter-Market Divergence Analysis
Play Video
Part 2 - Multiple-Timeframe Divergence Analysis
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TTP Divergence Analyst

Option to Add BloodHound
$ 795 Till July 31st
  • TTP Divergence Analyst (normally $1495)
  • TTP Universal Oscillator (Free)
  • TTP Universal MACD (Free)
  • (Dozens of other free indicators)
  • 27 Workspaces
  • Dozens of Chart & Indicator Templates
  • BloodHound Strategy Templates
  • BlackBird Trade Management Template
  • Video Training & Documentation
  • BloodHound (Option to Add to Order)

TTP Divergence Analyst + BH

Includes BloodHound Ultimate
$ 1590 Till July 31st
  • TTP Divergence Analyst (normally $1495)
  • BloodHound Ultimate ($795 normally $995)
  • TTP Universal Oscillator (Free)
  • TTP Universal MACD (Free)
  • (Dozens of other free indicators)
  • 27 Workspaces
  • Dozens of Chart & Indicator Templates
  • BloodHound Strategy Templates
  • BlackBird Trade Management Template
  • BlackBird (Option to Add to Order)

Master Suite Package

All TTP Software & Training
$ 3495 Till July 31st
  • TTP Divergence Analyst (normally $1495)
  • TTP Logic Manager (normally $995)
  • TTP Replicator (normally $595)
  • TTP ROE Bars (normally $350)
  • TTP Timeframe Tuner (normally $149)
  • TTP ToolBarPro (normally $1845)
  • TTP Volume Analyst (normally $1645)
  • Dozens of Workspaces & Templates
  • BloodHound Strategy Templates
  • BlackBird Trade Management Templates
  • Methodology Training (Video & Written)
  • Market Geometry Ebook
  • BloodHound (Option to Add to Order)
  • BlackBird (You can add it afterwards in your members' area for $1195 if you don't already have it)
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