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A Revolutionary Tool for Working with Multiple Timeframes

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Developed to access intra-bar data from a higher time frame chart and make the signals accessible from any timeframe chart.

Accurate multi-timeframe signals are now possible for both real-time and historical bars. You no longer need to wait for the larger timeframe chart’s bar to close before seeing the signal on a faster timeframe chart. The Replicator works with any indicator that has plots and/or data series (the vast majority) and is compatible with SharkIndicators BlackBird & BloodHound. You can copy any indicator from one chart to the next without any issues!

Works With:
Included in this package:
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TTP Replicator

Option to Add BloodHound
$ 295 Till July 31st
  • TTP Replicator (normally $595)
  • Workspace with Examples
  • BloodHound Template Example
  • BlackBird Template Example
  • Video Training & Documentation
  • BloodHound (Option to Add to Order)

TTP Replicator + BloodHound

Including BloodHound Ultimate
$ 890 Till July 31st
  • TTP Replicator (normally $595)
  • BloodHound Ultimate ($595 normally $795)
  • Workspace with Examples
  • BloodHound Template Example
  • BlackBird Template Example
  • Video Training & Documentation
  • BlackBird (Option to Add to Order)

Master Suite Package

All TTP Software & Training
$ 3495 Till July 31st
  • TTP Divergence Analyst (normally $1495)
  • TTP Logic Manager (normally $995)
  • TTP Replicator (normally $595)
  • TTP ROE Bars (normally $350)
  • TTP Timeframe Tuner (normally $149)
  • TTP ToolBarPro (normally $1845)
  • TTP Volume Analyst (normally $1645)
  • Dozens of Workspaces & Templates
  • BloodHound Strategy Templates
  • BlackBird Trade Management Templates
  • Methodology Training (Video & Written)
  • Market Geometry Ebook
  • BloodHound (Option to Add to Order)
  • BlackBird (You can add it afterwards in your members' area for $1195 if you don't already have it)
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