TTP ROE Bars - Our Custom, Hybrid Bar Type

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Combine the Best Attributes from Range, Tick, and Minute Charts with the ROE Bars.

The ROE Bars were originally designed to accentuate volume signals, blending certain unique attributes from Tick, Minute, and Range charts together that would make important volume and range signals really pop out on the chart. This revolutionary bar type lets you define minimum and maximum values for range, ticks, and seconds, so creating dozens of wildly different-looking charts from one awesome bar type is super simple. Create the exact hybrid bar of your choice. Start using the ROE Bars today to create multiple unique charts tailored to your exact specifications.

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The TTP ROE Bars

The ROE Bars have three different inputs: range, ticks, and seconds. Each input can be in one of four states: [1] disabled, [2] minimum value only, [3] maximum value only, or [4] both a minimum and a maximum value. 

Range – Setting a minimum range forces each bar to be at least N ticks (high – low), eliminating smaller bars. Setting a maximum range ensures that would-be massive bars (made during very fast moves) are broken up into separate bars which helps to more quickly identify when that fast move may be losing steam. 

Ticks – Setting a minimum number of ticks ensures that each bar has a more even distribution of volume while also setting a maximum number of ticks allows for variation between the bars so that huge spikes in volume entering the market are more easily identifiable and signaled on the chart.

Seconds – Setting a minimum number of seconds helps to eliminate what would typically be bursts of tick-chart bars built from large amounts of volume pouring into the market, thereby allowing for better volume signals. Settings a maximum number of seconds ensures a more even distribution of bars over time without the odd-looking thin-volume bars during the overnight sessions. 

[$1495 Value]


I have included one workspace with several charts to show some of 57 possible combinations of settings for the ROE Bars. This is truly a very unique bar type, and it is an integral part of  the TTP Trading methodology. 


Option to Add Timeframe Tuner
$ 225
  • TTP ROE Bars (normally $350)
  • 1 Workspace with several examples
  • Timeframe Tuner (Option to Add to Order)

ROE Bars + Volume Analyst

Option to Add BloodHound
$ 990
  • TTP ROE Bars $195 (normally $350)
  • TTP Volume Analyst $795 (normally $1645)
  • 50+ Workspaces
  • Dozens of Chart & Indicator Templates
  • BloodHound Strategy Templates
  • BlackBird Trade Management Template
  • BloodHound (Option to Add to Order)

Master Suite Package

All TTP Software & Training
$ 3495
  • TTP Divergence Analyst (normally $1495)
  • TTP Logic Manager (normally $995)
  • TTP Replicator (normally $595)
  • TTP ROE Bars (normally $350)
  • TTP Timeframe Tuner (normally $149)
  • TTP ToolBarPro (normally $1845)
  • TTP Volume Analyst (normally $1645)
  • Dozens of Workspaces & Templates
  • BloodHound Strategy Templates
  • BlackBird Trade Management Templates
  • Methodology Training (Video & Written)
  • Market Geometry Ebook
  • BloodHound (Option to Add to Order)
  • BlackBird (You can add it afterwards in your members' area for $1195 if you don't already have it)
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