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The Floating ToolBarPro with Advanced Market Geometry & Volume Profiles for NinjaTrader.

Control all NinjaTrader charts and workspaces from a single, floating toolbar. Pinpoint swing highs and lows using its built-in auto-snap algorithm to attach objects instantly and precisely to the exact (definable) bars/candlesticks you want (saves so much time). Predict and anticipate likely future swing highs and lows with our advanced, semi-automated Market Geometry – apply both a trend channel and a pitchfork (median lines) with warning lines in two clicks (parallels break and update in real-time). Never miss an alert again! Apply highly customizable alerts to all lines and objects and get screenshots of the alerted chart sent directly to your phone! Draw custom and efficient (hybrid data option) Volume Profiles and even attach alerts to VP levels! (You can even access all lines and levels within a strategy.) Assign hotkeys to any button or groups of buttons for fast action. Save and store multiple layouts for your charts and workspaces in as many Window Manager buttons as you like to quickly flip between chart arrangements without having to drag or move windows! Label Elliott Wave counts at record speed. Use the Import/Export Manager to share our analysis with you, your analysis with others in our exclusive community, or your private group… And so much more.

Available 'Buttons' (Functionalities) in Alphabetical Order

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The TTP ToolBarPro

Use a single toolbar (with as many panels as you desire) to control all your charts and workspaces. ToolBarPro has an advanced hotkey system for: [1] assigning hotkeys to each and every individual button, [2] assigning a hotkey to snap the main panel under your cursor, [3] assigning a hotkey to snap a grouped panel (like a mini toolbar) under your cursor (same hotkey combination will send the panel back where it was before on second press), and [4] for maximizing and restoring the chart under your cursor. ToolBarPro also has an advanced templating system for storing different settings in multiple buttons. Draw semi-automated market geometry, volume profiles, Elliott Wave labeling, and so much more! ToolBarPro is the essential toolkit for the professional market analyst that comes packed with a ton of features.

[$1845 Value]

Six Toolbar Skins/Backups

Import any of the available ToolBarPro backup ‘skins’ to use as a starting point from which to customize your own layout. These layouts have the exact settings that Daniel uses on a daily basis, including all hotkey settings. 

Workspaces & Market Geometry Templates

25 custom workspaces, with 11 charts each, are included with the ToolBarPro. Each e custom for each instrument. You can learn more about those in the documentation. A Market Geometry confluence BloodHound template is also included on the TICK (BB) chart, which will signal when a bar is touching two or more areas across the various charts. 

[$495 Value]

Methodology Training

Several videos, full of pure market analysis training, to jump-start your progress as a professional trader. The many thousands of hours of study and training that Daniel assembled into the TTP Trading Methodology are put on display within these sessions containing everything necessary to build confidence in the TTP trading methodology.

[$1000 Value]

Market Geometry Ebook

Introduction to Market Geometry is a one-of-a-kind book devoted to one of the least known but most powerful of all market analysis methodologies. This book is packed with information you need to properly apply the Market Geometry analysis method and find the biggest reversals imaginable.

[$199 Value]


Two Older Recordings Below

The two videos below are rather dated, but feel free to watch them (they will be updated soon). The latest version of the ToolBarPro is much improved with even more functionality.

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ToolBarPro Package

Option to Add BloodHound
$ 895
  • TTP ToolBarPro (normally $1845)
  • 25 Custom Workspaces
  • BloodHound MG Confluence Templates
  • BlackBird Trade Management Templates
  • Chart Templates
  • Video Training & Documentation
  • BloodHound (Option to Add to Order)

TTP ToolBarPro + BloodHound

Including BloodHound Ultimate
$ 1690
  • TTP ToolBarPro (normally $1845)
  • BloodHound Ultimate ($795 normally $995)
  • 25 Custom Workspaces
  • BloodHound MG Confluence Templates
  • BlackBird Trade Management Templates
  • Chart Templates
  • Video Training & Documentation
  • BlackBird (Option to Add to Order)

Master Suite Package

All TTP Software & Training
$ 3495
  • TTP Divergence Analyst (normally $1495)
  • TTP Logic Manager (normally $995)
  • TTP Replicator (normally $595)
  • TTP ROE Bars (normally $350)
  • TTP Timeframe Tuner (normally $149)
  • TTP ToolBarPro (normally $1845)
  • TTP Volume Analyst (normally $1645)
  • Dozens of Workspaces & Templates
  • BloodHound Strategy Templates
  • BlackBird Trade Management Templates
  • Methodology Training (Video & Written)
  • Market Geometry Ebook
  • BloodHound (Option to Add to Order)
  • BlackBird (You can add it afterwards in your members' area for $1195 if you don't already have it)
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